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Second Chance Society

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Donating Food is a Science, you have to think how a homeless person lives.
Most don't have a camp, or fire to cook with also lack of water. So dry goods
is not a good idea and no cookware or dishes. Canned foods and drinks water is best
if they can make a fire the cans become cookware. They can make instant coffee or tea
as a treat for the cold and it's easy to come by.
Below is a list of what to buy for a hamper for the homeless.
Best place is a dollar store.

Chucky soups
Chilli or beans
Ravioli, regular or mini
Canned Stews
Canned fruits
Instant Coffee
Bottled Water
The above I call a 5 day survival pack costs $20.00

Hampers for families and individuals that are low income.
Dry Goods, pastas, rice, bread
Chunky soups
Canned vegetables
Canned fruits
Treats if desired
Baby foods
Fresh vegetables
And so forth Please leave out CHICK PEAS see them get thown out all the time.
A weeks worth for single person averages $100.00
Family of 2 $200.00
Family of 3 $300.00
I know this for a fact cause everything I get goes back to the homeless and I survive on $100.00 per week

Please feel free to sponsor a family for groceries
Please do not send Gift Cards they can be sold or traded for Drugs
Any donations made to sponsor a family we have a volunteer to tke them shopping
ensuring a proper purchase of groceries needed for the family or individual.
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